Members’ Benefits

Members’ Benefits

The aim of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association is to support and encourage writers on all levels and in all genres. The association is moving forward where not only participation and support are offered, but also education and innovation. We want you to be proud and enthusiastic members of this association so it will continue well into the future with all members embracing the benefits.

As a financial member of the Association, you will be entitled to:

  • Attend our monthly meetings at the discounted member’s price of $5:00.
  • Participate in our interesting and interactive workshops.
  • Gain knowledge and information from our experienced guest speakers and published authors.
  • Receive our monthly newsletter, where you can contribute and share your news with fellow writers.
  • Promote the sale of your book(s) through associated avenues.
  • Receive member’s rates at all our special events.
  • Network and collaborate with individuals at all levels of the writing and publishing process.
  • An opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people in a friendly environment.
  • But wait, there’s more …

Look at what is coming to you in 2018

“Author of the Week”

Available for our current and new members!
  1. As a current member of GCWA, you can sign up for a whole week of promotion on all of our social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. This member benefit entitles you to: a profile day, a book day, a blog day, and a video day. Naturally, such exposure and promotion will depend on the information you provide. In other words, you provide the bullets and GCWA will fire them for you!
    • Profile Day: Will be a general post about who you are, your links to social media and website. The GCWA, Social Media Manager, Samuel Colbran, will create a bio-map of you.
    • Book Day: Will focus on promotion of your book for a designated day. It is vital that you provide GCWA with a link for purchasing from you.
    • Blog Day: GCWA invites you to write a guest blog for our website about your journey to becoming a published author.
    • Video Day: If you have a book trailer, or author interview, GCWA will share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Size requirements for each media output must be followed.
  3. Another benefit for you is that you may request the week that best suits you. Why not marry your “Author of the Week” promotion with a book launch?
  4. Please provide the following information to receive this benefit:
  • Comprehensive contact information for social media, book links and websites.
  • Either a JPG or PNG of your profile picture and books.
  • A small biography and catchy pitch for your book(s).
  • Information about events or launches in which you are involved.

But what does this all mean to you?

Our social media postings, likes, and followings are going through the roof, thanks to Sam. This means you will get your name and your book out into a larger public arena, and it won’t cost you a cent. Also, a few of the committee members willingly share the posts from the GCWA to their own profiles. With so many posts going out into the popular social media sites, you can imagine the extra attention directed to you.

And, if that’s not enough there’s something else hidden up our sleeve for 2018

We are so excited, but wanted to save the best for last.


The GCWA is going up another level for the members only by providing access to GCWA workshops and guest speakers even if they can’t attend the monthly meeting. We plan to provide videos of GCWA workshops and guest speakers to an exclusive ‘Members Only’ login on the GCWA website.

We still have some details to sort through before we can roll this out. Of course face-to-face networking is always more enjoyable. However, videos would give you the opportunity NOT to miss out on the fantastic line-up of workshops and guest speakers planned for 2018. Check our monthly newsletter eWriteabout for more information as it comes closer.

Gold Coast Writers’ Association Member Benefits will grow from ‘give and get’

as together we mix creative embers to flame high in 2018 for your benefit.



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