News Hot Off The Press


May 2018 bring Happiness & Peace to everyone.

News Hot Off The Press
 from GCWA Strategy Meeting, December 6, 2017.

The GCWA committee meeting last Wednesday, December 6, was held at Vice President, Susan Johnston’s home, to discuss all things pertaining to governance of the Association, many things relating to member benefits, and a variety of exciting things planned to make GCWA meetings stimulating, and rewarding for members.

At right, the composite image shows Jenny Old and Jacki Moore reflecting, and across the room, Susan Johnston, ponders over documents regarding governance of the Association.

In the very near future, a schedule of GCWA workshops and presentations for 2018 will move from current scaffolding to actual plans. But, as you know, plans need to be flexible enough to cater for changes in availability when one is dealing with people. Hence, it’s important to check GCWA media sites on a regular basis.

At left, GCWA President, Ocean Reeve searches through his list of potential guest speakers, while Secretary, Beverley Streater, and Treasurer, Marisa Parker, consider the points for discussion on the white board (out of view in the photo).

The important news of the moment concerns outcomes from the “strategy” meeting that envisage how meeting structures throughout 2018 will unfold.

Holding the belief that writing skills form the foundation stones upon which all members create amazing stories, the GCWA proposes that each meeting will commence at 12.30 p.m. with a twenty minute session devoted to “Writing Skills Foundation Snippets”.

These short “snippets” are intended to consolidate, introduce, and explain some of the grammatical elements, and composition structure vital to expressing ideas using the written word.

At right, Kerri Yarsley, Editor, eWriteabout, puts her IT skills into overdrive as forms are adjusted to the nth degree, notes and reminders fill pages, and documents get filed into her memory vault.

Looking across to the table, Sam Colbran, GCWA’s Media-Man, listens attentively to meeting format plans rolling around the room, while his mind plots how best to benefit members.


A change of pace is proposed for the  hour following “Writing Skills Foundation Snippets”.

A workshop from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. will engage and stimulate members to probe specific aspects of writing from two important perspectives. On the one hand are personal reasons for writing a story. On the other hand are professional matters of publishing and marketing the story.

Below, Bronwyn Houldsworth and Marisa Parker, anticipate a tea break—and naturally, such a tea break will happen at all GCWA meetings. However, an assortment of BYO nibbles and sandwiches sustained the electric energy throughout the ‘behind the scenes’ Strategy Meeting.

At GCWA meetings, a short Tea Break at 2 p.m. will give time to enjoy a cuppa and chat for fifteen minutes, before settling down to absorb information presented by the guest speaker until 3 p.m.

But, that doesn’t mean the meeting is finished—rather “seek and find” time begins— questions, discussion, and connecting with friends until the doors of Fradgley Hall close at 3.30 pm.

Already, topics and speakers are being organized for 2018. Thus, in the words of William Shakespeare, the GCWA might say,
“ … the world’s mine oyster”.   (The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 2, Scene 2, 2-5.)
Or, to put it in GCWA member parlance, opportunities are coming a-knocking.

2018 for GCWA members promises to be packed with

much ado about many things!

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