Christmas Party at Fradgley Hall

A Joyful Beginning to the Festive Season!

Those who came to the GCWA Christmas party yesterday at Fradgley Hall, enjoyed sharing festive food spread as a picnic, to relish with gusto. But before the “eat, drink and be merry” began, a Santa surprise beckoned all eyes to the Christmas Tree.

‘Santa with a Twist’ arrived. On entering the party-place, each person was given a ‘Santa’ number, that when called, entitled he or she to select a gift from under the tree.


So far, all seemed straight forward, until the twist then came! As a warm-up, some hints on public speaking, and points on identifying one or two striking things to fuel memory, were suggested. But in the end, the gift was an unknown entity, and the vicarious story response had to be immediate.

The challenge, on the spot, with no time to ponder, was to tell a short story of association – in public – holding a microphone as never before for some.

For those who had experience in holding the floor with the tinkle of their own voice, this was no problem. For others, smiles and encouragement from the floor gave a boost to the recipients as shown below.


From the sublime to the ridiculous, inspiration came from the colour of the wrapping paper; the pair of socks within; teacup with packet of tea; the torch; the trolley bag or the book on bringing up kids, just to name a few.

Maybe for bachelor Oliver, (below, top left ornament), who was lucky to get Kerri Yarsley’s,  Instruction Manual for Kids , the GCWA 2017 Santa With A Twist is an omen of things to come?

After gathering a plate of food and a cuppa, guests sat down to be intrigued by Bronwyn Houldsworthy’s talk about her “nine years in the making” book, The Heart Has Its Reasons. Given, the research into family background, the linking with inherited history in England and Europe, it’s a wonder it only took nine years to write!

Congratulations Bronwyn!

In all, the Christmas Party was a wonderful success, made so by the casual and friendly atmosphere, enlivened by colourful tablecloths, tinsel on the tree, many smiling faces, exchange of small gifts and a plentiful supply of festive food brought by members to share and enjoy.

GCWA’s wish to all:

Whatever lies in store for 2018, may it be positive, peaceful and progressive.

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