What’s on for our April meeting 2018


Writing Skills Foundation Word Stones #4 – Gold Coast Writers’ Association Newsletter guru,Kerri Yarsley, presents on formatting and why structure is important


Workshop: Dr Pete Stebbins, will present a workshop on Author Success Secrets: Building Your Own High Performance Team.

Dr Pete StebbinsDr Pete Stebbins, PhD, is a leading workplace psychologist, life coach and facilitator with a personal and professional journey full of both achievements and challenges. This 11x published author uses his 20 years of psychology study and clinical practice to complete and evaluate numerous leadership and team transformation projects, providing the groundswell for the common sense approach of the High Performance Teams Framework. Pete is an active and enthusiastic leader of various transformation projects in the Private and Public Sector.

His presentation, Author Success Secrets: Building Your Own High Performance Team  will look at the journey from writing to authorship to speaker to mentor requires the input and collaboration of a range of professionals from your network. Your ability to succeed will depend on how well you can organise these informal networks into a focused team. In this session, Dr Pete shares his own journey and blueprint for success as an author building his own high performance team


Presentation: Luke Amery Surviving Brain Cancer and how to overcome challenges

Luke Amery Luke Amery was happily working as an “open-cut” miner in Australia when he began struggling with his physical balance and discovered he had been struck with brain cancer. In his presentation, Surviving Brain Cancer & how to overcome challenges, Luke will share the importance of having a strong team behind him in his recovery along with sharing some stories that he experienced, and lessons he learned along the way to recovery.  This captivating, best-selling author will share how he found a new joy in helping others achieve their dreams and win, and through sometimes horrible circumstances, to rediscover their “mojo” along with their true purpose and passion in life, to succeed and be happy.

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