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Saturday 15 February

NB. Please note that for February (only), the GCWA Meeting will be held at the Burleigh Waters Community Centre located at 111-135 Christine Avenue, Burleigh Waters: 12.00 – 3.00 pm.

Creative Writing Skills Workshop

Social Media for Writers

Join Rebecca Torti, GCWA Committee member who will facilitate a 30-minute workshop on social media tools. With Rebecca’s experience in marketing, she will share the techniques and approaches recommended for sharing your information as a creative with the writing and reading community. This will focus on using FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.


A Journey Towards a Healthy 100

Health and wellbeing are essential for this day and age. Come and listen to Deborah Peden, BA/BEd, Life Coach and Trained Demartini Method© Facilitator, who has provided a depth of understanding and appreciation for wellness across all areas of life.

Deborah has been researching on and supporting others with their health and wellbeing for over a decade. Her experience as a life coach and facilitator has provided a depth of understanding and appreciation for wellness across all areas of life. Deborah has supported many people to realise vibrant, balanced wellness through workshops, seminars and face-to-face client consultations. Coalescing with her health focus, Deborah has a degree in English and History, fostering her passion for literature, literacy and research. Since 2009, she has coordinated and judged in the literary competition for the English Teachers Association of Queensland (ETAQ) supporting young people and teachers to showcase their literary talents. Her writing has been awarded literary prizes in 2009 and 2014, this creative bent extending to writing magazine articles and online profiles. 100 Ways to a Healthy 100 is the result of a combination of her passions: balanced wellness, educating & writing, distilling ancient and contemporary wisdom into a readable and relatable almanac.


Take A Step Into The Unknown It Can Change Your Life. It Did Mine! ©  

Diana Todd-Banks shares her advice on health and wellbeing from a different perspective. Diana has had an incredibly varied life and with 58 moves says the best way to get a glimpse of Diana is to look at her life in numbers:

-At 15 was raped in Adelaide, later moved to New Zealand.
-Lived and worked in a Maori shearing gang.
-Picked tobacco in all-male tobacco picking team.
-Back to Adelaide then Chicago but
-$1 a day was all Di had to live on.
-Gained a degree in Classical Guitar in Chicago.
-21 different occupations.
-8 different companies.
-3 different countries.
-2 ½ husbands.
-1st Australian female wine importer in the US.
-1st director of an international chamber of commerce in Los Angeles.
-Had a small US company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
-18 years was a syndicated feature columnist.
-5 people who died, Di packed up their possessions.
-In the ’90s those experiences blurred – Diana lost her voice and was unable to walk for 6 months or function for 3 years.

During that time Diana vowed if she recovered she would help others … somehow. She did and continues to do so today.

Diana has written 7 books plus 3 int’l best selling books, ghostwrites, & mentors people about managing life changes.

A reminder that February’s meeting will be at the Burleigh Waters Community Centre located at 111-135 Christine Avenue, Burleigh Waters: 12.00 – 3.00 pm. 

Regular Meeting Timetable

11.45 am Doors open & Registration
12.00 pm Start!
12.15 pm Creative Writing Skills
12.45 pm Presentation with First Guest Speaker
1.45 pm Afternoon Tea & Networking
2.00 pm Presentation with Second Guest Speaker
2.30 pm Wrap Up
2.45 pm Close

Members $5, Non-members $10. Visitors and new members are welcome. Please email Membership Secretary, Jackie Moore at