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COVID-19 UPDATE: As per Federal and State Government restrictions, we cannot meet in-person. However, the GCWA Committee still wants to ‘meet’ with you and share information about creative writing skills and individual author messages.

Join us, over the next few months, through our online (virtual) meetings that will still be held on the third Saturday of the month.

Saturday, May 16

12pm (QLD time) – This event is FREE to attend, however, registration is essential.

Register here.

If you haven’t participated in a Zoom meeting before, read this brief overview:

Order of Events from 12pm onwards

The sessions are expected to be approximately 15 minutes each apart from the brief introduction from the GCWA President. Questions should be posted through the Zoom chat function.

Then, at the end of the pre-recorded presentations, all speakers will be online to answer your questions ‘live’. Please pose these through the chat function:

  • Brief Introduction by GCWA President Marisa Parker
  • Creative Writing Skills: Stylesheets – Kerri Yarsley
  • Writing for Fiction and Fantasy – David Kay
  • The Dragon’s Den Trilogy – Jason Boggs
  • ‘Live’ chatting with your speakers – Ask questions through the chat function and your speakers will answer in-person (online)  

Kerri Yarsley

Kerri Yarsley is a valued GCWA Committee member and has been the GCWA Editor for a number of years. 

Read Kerri Yarsley’s bio here.

Creative Writing Skills – Stylesheets: You’ll learn some essential information on formatting so as to  “Schmick” Up Your Microsoft Word Manuscript and get it ready for you to let your creativity flow. 

David Kay is another valued GCWA Committee member.

Read David Kay’s bio.

Writing for Fiction and Fantasy: This genre, like any, has its specific requirements, one of which is ensuring your character development is up to scratch. David will discuss how he has written The Circles of Time series.

Jason F Boggs has spent his entire life reading as many novels and graphic novels as possible in this sub-genre, as well as movies to understand “what works & what doesn’t”. In 2016, he finally decided to commit to a series called, The Dragon Trilogy. His goal: to make the greatest sci-fi/fantasy series of all time.
The Devil’s Dragon (TDD) was released in 2017 and the follow-up, The Dragon’s Harvest was released in 2018. Both to 5-star reviews. The final book of the series, The Dragon’s Zenith, will be out by Christmas 2020.

Jason currently lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, with his wife, SueEllen who endures his imagination and their two cats, who do not.

Are Science Fiction writers prophets? TDD was released in 2017, it describes a worldwide pandemic and the social, political and economic chaos that ensues. Spoiler alert: The book also reveals that a charismatic leader uses the crisis to build political power in his quest to establish a single world government. He uses an alien culture with different values and language as a scapegoat. This new world order is called “The New Era”. I’m not the first content creator who’s predicted the future, so much of our technology and aspects of our lives come from author’s ideas from years in the past.

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