Next Meeting

Saturday, 21 November

On Saturday, 19 September, we will be meeting at the Burleigh Waters Community Centre.

As usual, our meeting will commence at 12 pm but, please arrive in good time, as registration will be required including your answer to three COVID-19 questions and line-up at 1.5 m social distancing, to keep everyone safe.

NB. Also, please bring your own snack and drink, as we cannot provide catering at this time.

The GCWA Committee is looking forward to seeing everyone back in-person.
If you are unwell however, please do not attend this community gathering.

Members: $5.00 (EFTPOS payment preferred, although cash is acceptable)
Visitors: $10.00 (EFTPOS payment preferred, although cash is acceptable)

Order of Events from 12pm

12.05 pm – Welcome by the GCWA President – Andy McDermott

12.15 pm – From Concept to Page to Screen: Connecting Publishing and Screen Production. Presenter: OCandice Michelle Goodwin

1.15 pm – Networking Break – Please bring your own snack/drink as catering cannot be provided due to COVID-19 compliancy

1.45 pm – Deborah Candler

2.15 pm – Questions

2.30 pm – Conclusion and Thank You


Candice looks forward to sharing her story and answering your questions. Her socials, links to her books on Amazon, and her podcast are on her official site


Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin juggles living in two worlds: She’s a scientist & engineer, as well as a science fiction author and TV & film producer. These worlds overlap and Candice keeps science (such as the genetic revolution and superabilities) grounded, authentic and entertaining in a science fiction context.

Candice is the Founder & Principal of Rebel with Cause (RWC) Productions. Her current passion project is the genre TV series concept, “Enter Entropy”, based on her books of the same name, available on Amazon. She is also a producer on Canadian projects that are positively disrupting industry trends, and is the host of a fresh new podcast inspiring girls and women to pursue STEM careers.

Candice’s various projects include the feature film “Code 8”, and TV series “Deep Six”, “Kat Loves LA”, and “Amortal”, as well as new book, “Enter Entropy: Volume 3” where the deception of magic and the science of fight choreography, as well as ghost-hunting were explored, hands-on. Candice has also worked with world-renowned storyboard artists and illustrators on the art for her book covers.

“Enter Entropy” is the story of Dr Lana Senate, an accomplished scientist who consults with the police. A lab accident leads to her being infected with genetically manipulated bacteria that alter her cells, resulting in enhanced senses. While struggling to keep her abilities a secret from the people she loves, Lana realizes that she needs to trust others to help her understand this gift and use her advanced sensory awareness as an advantage in solving crime. Right before your eyes she is changing…



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