The Committee

President: Andy McDermott
Vice President: Kellie Cox
Secretary: Debbie Marks
Treasurer:  Jen Swenson
Membership Secretary: Julie Brown
Newsletter Editor: Kerri Yarsley
Social Media: Kate Therkelsen
General Committee: David Kay, Jill Smith, Judy Wollin, Echo mo zhou

Read about current committee members below

Andy McDermott – President

Andrew McDermott (Andy) published his first novel, The Tiger Chase, with an American publisher in 2002. He has since self-published three fiction titles: The Last Tiger, Murder in Quest and Flirting with the Moon, and two non-fiction titles: The Publicious Guide to Self-Publishing, and The Publicious Book Marketing Toolkit. He has recently finished the first book of a detective series, set on the Gold Coast, featuring Detective Scotty Stephens, entitled X and he has just begun work on the second book in the series entitled Bestseller.

Andy is the CEO of Publicious Pty Ltd a company he started in 2010 to assist authors with their writing and publishing needs. He is the current President of the Gold Coast Writers Association, of which he is also a lifetime member, and he previously taught creative writing at the Ace Community Colleges on the Gold Coast.

As an experienced speaker, Andy has spoken in the US as well as the UK, and he continues to appear at writers’ festivals and events around Australia.

Kellie Cox – Vice President

Our Vice-President, Kellie M Cox is a multi-genre author of five books and enjoys writing fiction, non-fiction, short stories, technical works, blogs, poetry and prose. She created the publishing enterprise, Strong Female Protagonists to challenge the narrative of gender in storytelling. Kellie enjoys writing about human behaviour and utilises her qualifications in psychology and over twenty years’ experience in the field to write relatable and complex characters.

Kellie works in private practice and as a Trainer/Assessor for AIPC. She is one of the founding members of the Coastal Health Collective, working alongside other dedicated professionals to provide specialist clinical support services. When not writing, Kellie enjoys life on the Gold Coast and can be found at the beach or saturating her social media with photos of her gorgeous dogs.

Jen Swenson – Treasurer

Jen Swenson is a community-hearted accountant specialising in Not for Profits. She has a passion for writing books & resources centring around personal development, her first being a fun children’s story entitled “Goldie the Unchicken”.

Kerri Yarsley – Newsletter Editor

Kerri Yarsley

Kerri has spent most of her career in the computer industry, initially as a programmer, then after four kids, she found documenting to be more easily achievable from a home-based office.

English and the written word was not originally a strength, especially coming from a Science background, but it became so after two decades of technical writing.

Timing and sudden health issues halted the momentum of the book’s progress and it has laid fairly dormant ever since.

Kerri continues to remain active in the creative writing space through her connection with the GCWA, which she enjoys immensely.

Kerri’s first book, “The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition”, took twenty-five years to research and twelve months to write. After that, Kerri chose to format and edit the work herself, feeling that she was up to the task, having done it for corporations and governments for years. The book was self-published in 2012 and received a number of really good reviews.

General Committee Members:

David Kay

Born 1937 in the shipbuilding town of Barrow-in-Furness on the border of the English Lake District; David played soccer and cricket in the local leagues and saxophone and clarinet in the Palais Big Bands. He was an engineer in the Merchant Navy before driving overland in an Ambulance to India with three companions in 1964; a ship to Singapore, a flight to Darwin and David found work as a construction fitter on Koolan Island in Yampi Sound. Then four months Opal mining in Andamooka before backpacking around the rest of the continent. David and his wife Patricia worked in New Zealand, South Africa and Sydney before settling with their son and daughter on the Gold Coast in1979. They sold their business in 1995 and travelled around Australia for nine months, then Europe, Turkey, the USA and Canada before settling back on the coast.

David studied genealogy in his retirement, and he passed a professional writing course at U3A Broadbeach. DNA ascertained his ancestors dated back to the Norse Viking immigration of the Lake District and this was the inspiration for his first fiction novel The Sword of Saint Isidores. Norse and Gypsy Mythology and English Folklore became a feature of his novels and ‘Why did you kill off Ragnarr?’ by annoyed readers led to the introduction of Viking reincarnation in books 2 and 3 of the series, ‘Circles of Time’. 

Book 2 ‘The Ring of Mann’ introduces the clandestine monks of Furness Abbey, the investigative monks of the Knights Templar, and the rule of King Charles II, racehorses and Quakerism. Book 3 ‘The Inscription’ jumps to the 19th century and the early rule of Queen Victoria, but the lingering curse of Freydis is never far away.

After the initial self-publishing in 2007, David joined Kobo eBooks on their inception in 2010.

Judy Wollin

Judy Wollin

I write children’s books. Real-life action adventure for 8 to 12-year olds, particularly reluctant readers.

I was born and raised in Melbourne and have lived on the Gold Coast for 11 years with my husband. I have adult children and grandchildren. I lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates between 2006-2010.

I studied at Gippsland CAE and QUT culminating in being awarded a PhD in 1999. I have completed a variety courses with the Australian Writers’ Centre and have been encouraged to pursue publication.

I am currently a member of the Australia Society of Authors, Queensland Writers Association, Gold Coast Writers Association and Write Links and have a Goodreads review presence.

I have a growing social media presence across my website (, Twitter (@judywollin1), Instagram (judywollinauthor) and facebook (Judy Wollin Writer).

My work with children and adults struggling to read and write fueled my drive to promote literacy. I write children’s books in the hope that I can play my part in preventing low literacy in young people and adults.

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