We are excited to announce the competition winners for our 2022 short story competition Writing in the Sand judged by Lori-Jay Ellis CEO, Queensland Writers Centre.

Congratulations to:

First Place

Finding Words by Justin Andrews

Second Place

The Three Minute Heirloom by Russell Merrin

Third Place

Back Story by Cherie Bombell

Congratulations to all that entered. Listed below are the authors that made it to our long list in alphabetical order by surname.

Justin Andrews – Finding Words.
Beverley Bird – The Circle.
Cherie Bombell – Back Story.
Chris Chard – Floatlines.
Johnny Graham – Searching for Sandy Times.
Russel Merrin – The Three Minute Heirloom.
Wendy Tarrant – Dyslexia. Pfft.
Bob Topping – All it May have Been.
Steve Treffery – Ten Years.
Lauren Wapling – Story Wire.
Gina Watkins – Mirage.
Connor Zahra – Green Beach.

Thank you to Lori-Jay Ellis and her team, and committee members, Christine Betts, Kerri Yarsley, Kellie Cox, Kate Kelsen, Jane O’Connell and Selena Budgen for their time and dedication in bringing the competition to life.

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