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Member Blog by David Kay Caring for eight years had taken its toll. I visited Patricia in hospital but never saw her. They took me in for an Angiogram and discharged my wife. I was discharged on Christmas Eve and our family had Christmas… Continue Reading “THANK YOU GCWA”

So, you’re considering entering a writing competition.

Member Blog by Christine Betts It’s a bit nerve wracking. You make a cup of tea and sit down (with a biscuit!) to read through therules and regulations on the competition website. It’s a bit overwhelming! So many rules! Why can’t I just write… Continue Reading “So, you’re considering entering a writing competition.”

Eight harsh lessons I learned AFTER I published my debut novel, Search for the Holy Whale

Guest blog by Selena Jane Why eight? Why not? It’s my favourite number! Many writers speak about the process of writing and publishing, and I’ll no doubt get to that in a later blog, but today I thought I’d share with you the top… Continue Reading “Eight harsh lessons I learned AFTER I published my debut novel, Search for the Holy Whale”

Ask An Editor Anything

We recently hosted a fabulous interactive workshop at the Gold Coast Writers’ Association in collaboration with a panel of experienced editors, Kerri Yarsley, Beverley Streater, Jacqx Melilli, and Gail Tagarro. The following are questions from our audience of members and guests, and answered by… Continue Reading “Ask An Editor Anything”

Who Are You? A Guide to Writing Your Memoir

Guest blog by Jacqx Melilli  Everyone has a Story Admit it. You’ve allowed another year to pass you by and the promise you made to yourself to write your memoir has not seen the light of day. Let me guess what your excuses might… Continue Reading “Who Are You? A Guide to Writing Your Memoir”


Member Blog by Christine Betts What is Genre?  Simple question with a simple answer. Genre is a style of art, music, or literature.  In all forms of artistic expression, readers and viewers have come to expect certain elements from their preferred genre. The Happily… Continue Reading “Worldbuilding”

My 2022 Writing Plan…

Member Blog by Jill Smith Each author has their own approach to goal-setting. GCWA member and Ten PennersCoordinator, Jill Smith, outlines her goals for her 2022 writing year here. My original plan was written twelve days into the new year. I decided not to… Continue Reading “My 2022 Writing Plan…”

Harnessing Your 2022 Writing Goals

Member blog by Kate Kelsen As an author, I have been avidly writing and self-publishing fiction and creative non-fictionstories since 2010. I take a particular interest in exploring various human experiences andperspectives to share people’s stories in the wider community. I am also the… Continue Reading “Harnessing Your 2022 Writing Goals”

The influence of TikTok on creative writing of screenplays

Guest blog by Elissa McGaw Due to its rapid international growth and audience feedback, research investigating the methods of successful screenplay writing for the social media platform, TikTok, is warranted to elucidate its potential career benefits for a screenwriter. This project aims to create… Continue Reading “The influence of TikTok on creative writing of screenplays”

Writing Historical Fiction and Fantasy – and finding your story.


Member Blog by David Thomas Kay Many authors create their novels in a modern-day environment they are familiar with; others write Historical Fiction in a period of their choice. I prefer writing progressive Historical Fiction and let good narrative and the passage of time… Continue Reading “Writing Historical Fiction and Fantasy – and finding your story.”