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Yellowstone Fury

Author Damon Yerg

Townsfolk, strangers, and outsiders unite to battle murderous hired guns.

Sam has taken a break from the trail in the small town of Green Forks. A chance encounter with a young lady draws him into a helter-skelter arena of love and hate, honesty and deceit, survival and death.

Razed buildings, rustled cattle, and dead friends demand bloody retribution. With their aging sheriff unable to stop lawlessness, ordinary folk chase down a fearsome gang, hired by a shady businessman to deliver his most recently acquired assets. Odds are stacked overwhelmingly in favour of the outlaws.

Failure threatens the very survival of Green Forks.

Search for the Holy Whale

Author Selena Jane

Would you leave the safety of your people and face your darkest fears to search for a mythical white whale and seek your missing family?

After escaping a devastating tidal wave, which sweeps through their village, 14-year-old Sari, her siblings and their friend Raden, along with his Shadow Fox, enter the forbidden forest catapulting the foursome into a dangerous adventure.

Attacked by beautiful, but vicious giant butterflies, they quickly understand that what they once knew is no longer.

Strange phenomena are occurring, resulting in an imbalance in nature on their island.

Could the legend of the Holy Whale, and the absence of the whales from their waters be connected to the disappearance of their family and Mother Nature’s displeasure?

Is their side of the island really cursed?

Sari discovers how important the connection is between herself, her companions, the island and the animals that inhabit the island with her.

Can Sari and her kin rescue their mother and father, free the Holy Whale and restore balance before it’s too late and return home to safety?

Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer

Author Christine Betts

After a stunt lands heiress and comedian Alia Henry in lock-up, she finds herself under house-arrest in a crumbling mansion.

She is not alone on the once-magnificent estate. Wandering the house at night, she meets Braith, eccentric writer-in-residence and mixer of marvellous cocktails. Each day she struggles to write but at night, under the light of an increasingly implausible full moon, Alia delights in exotic drinks and dazzling conversation with the mysterious Braith.

Not usually one for asking questions, she wonders is Braith a ghost…? Or is she?

“A brilliant read for those who like a mystical narrative, literature and backing a character who needs a shove in the right direction!”

The Ring of Mann

The Ring of Mann

Author David Thomas Kay

The Ring of Mann is book 2 of the series Circles of Time

The Ring of Mann received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title.

R.O.M. is a historical fantasy thriller, a family saga, set in the Lake district of 17th century England. The presence of an ancient runic ring and the spirit of a female Viking warrior effect the life of its inheritor, and three teenage cousins become entangled in the mystery of a missing woodcutter.

Find the Ancient Path

Find the Ancient Path

Author Jennifer Phillips

Book One in the Seekers FInders Finders Keepers series.

After her mother dies, Haras is left with an important message for the father she has never known, but how will she ever find him? Did he go looking for the ancient path? Will she find him if she finds the ancient path? Haras’s quest leads her to discover treasure she never set out to find.

Suitable for Young Adults but also enjoyed by adults

It can be purchased form a range of bookstores including and borrowed through the Australian Library.

Last Chance in Oak Street and Ever Been had –

Last Chance in Oak Street

Last Chance in Oak Street and Ever Been Had

Author Kerry Pearmain

Last Chance in Oak Street

In a suburban street in a depressed area, a young boy lives alone with his mother, a young parent struggling to cope with day to day living.

The care of her child takes a very low priority as she attempts to manage a difficult relationship, his and her own drug taking as well as the anger, grief and frustration she feels every day. There are people who want to help, but putting it into action is proving problematic. And then there are those whose main concern is the boy but in the end can any of them really save him.

Ever been had

Ever Been Had

In 1944 a young boy leaves his Wagin home for boarding school in the historic Western Australian township of New Norcia. A grieving younger brother, a caring priest and two devoted nuns follow his journey from boarding school to the Navy where war and lost friendship shape his decision to retreat from all that is familiar to him. The loneliness which plagued him from childhood continues to tread close on his heels and he begins to question the decisions he has made as well as their impact on others. As hard as it was to retreat, the journey back to the town of his birth and the girl he left behind seems an even bigger mountain to climb. “Ever Been Had” is a fictional story set in a time in the history of Australia, in particular Western Australia, when unspoken rules and the expectations of others determined one’s life journey. Struggling at times against his own beliefs, Jonathan charts a passage shaped by the relationships he forms and events he confronts. It draws on the recollections of one man who was born in rural Western Australia but left when a teenager to join the Navy.

Roller Coaster

Author Jackie Moore

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is a collection of three fictional short stories. Although entirely unrelated to each other, each story will evoke strong emotion in the reader.

In ‘NEGU’ you will meet Amanda, whose first day on the children’s oncology ward as a trainee nurse leads her from despair to hope as she realises that more than the prescribed medical treatment will be required when dealing with her young patients.

In ‘True Colours’, the insightful Maddison embraces her transition from girl to woman, when she has to grapple with the shocking revelation that a mother’s love is not always guaranteed.

In ‘Twice the Deed’, Derek, a morose individual consumed by greed and malice, sets out to commit the ultimate act of murder.

This was Jackie’s first foray into short story writing. ‘NEGU’ won the Mona Brand Short Story ‘Commended’ award in 2015

The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad

The Gogs of women have gone mad

Author Wole Akosile

The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad, is a satire on our modern world. Our fascination with religion and tradition and our failure to evolve with changing times. Rolami is a place where culture and tradition hold the fabric of society together. Its custodians are the gods of Rolami and their servants, the elders and the chief’s council.

This council ensures no one dare defies them. The chiefs have the spoken oracle of the gods.

Lami the young daughter of a village chief leads a revolt against agelong tradition. The privileged daughter of a prominent village chief challenges age-long traditions. This is much to the chagrin of the ruling class and her family. This sets up a cataclysmic set of events that forever change their thoughts about women and the place of traditional beliefs in an ever-changing world.

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