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Terms of Inheritance – Michelle Upton

Four sisters. A vast fortune. And a mother who thinks she knows best …

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

A funny, moving, brilliantly observed story about letting go of the past

When multi-millionaire Jacki Turner is forced to take stock of her life, she sets her daughters a challenge – in order to inherit her vast fortune, each must fulfil a task that she believes will push them to become better versions of themselves.

Rose, an exhausted mother of three, must write and publish a children’s picture book. Exercise-hater Mel must run the Gold Coast marathon. Isla, the eldest, must figure out who she is beyond her wealth and status, while commitment-phobic Jess must stay in a relationship for longer than three months.

For each, Jacki’s terms seem an impossible task, bringing painful wounds to the surface and straining tenuous relationships. But when the sisters are faced with an unexpected turn of events, they must learn how to move forward and forgive, or risk losing it all.

Blue Widow – Sonya Leeding

Blue Widow is the harrowing story of Sonya Leeding, whose husband Damian was shot during a botched armed robbery at the Pacific Pines Tavern in Queensland, Australia.

Sonya’s no-holds-barred account of the night of 29 May 2011 and the events that unfolded after this tragedy offer an extraordinary insight into the deeply personal nature of loss and the impact that being in the public eye has on the grieving process.

Blue Widow reveals the real people behind the police uniforms; the mothers, fathers, children, and siblings; and how—in a split second—life can be heartbreakingly and permanently altered.

Bachelor and the Geek – Sofia Aves

His brand of grumpy sunshine clashes with her outer geek…on an international stage.

Silver fox and security firm owner Sirius Weston is the eldest of his band of bachelor brothers and feels some responsibility for his siblings’ security. Intent on leading by example, he lets himself be goaded into joining the cast of a reality TV show in an effort to boost his firm’s reputation and find himself some form of stability as a model for his brothers – in whatever form that might take.

Mousy brainiac Annie Pillingston is nothing like what he imagined, either in his bed or out of it. When he’s partnered with her for the duration of filming reality TV show Geekily Yours, ending in the biggest gala event of the year, he helps the chaotic and shy woman battle catwalks, heels and social awkwardness as she transforms from geek into gorgeous in her own way.

But there’s more fingers in the reality TV pie than either of them expect, from exes and interfering bosses to controlling fathers. Together they navigate the political landscape despite the risk of ruin for his firm’s reputation-and his own-until one secret too many threatens the trust they’ve built together. Though Sirius didn’t want to be on the show in the first place, he no longer wants to go home alone, though he might not have a choice.

The Ghost Train and the Scarlet Moon – Jack Rooney

Labour Day 1982 – a ‘super-blue-blood-moon’ looms high in the sky, thirty-five years since it last appeared. Three boys set out on an adventure, exploring the trail of a ghost train long since forgotten. It is also the 35th anniversary of the Camp Mountain train crash, Queensland’s worst rail disaster, which claimed the lives of sixteen people and seriously injured many others. One of the boys vanishes without a trace.

Suspicion lingers. Friendships shatter. Lives are ruined. Years go by. The story fades.

A retired detective never forgets.

A time-hopping adventure that will take you back to your own teenage friendships and keep you guessing until the end.

Cold Against The Glass – Jane O’Connell

When emerging artist and forager Florence Lane discovers a collection of human specimens languishing in glass jars in a city museum, she is captivated by an unidentified baby and sets out to track down the infant’s parents. Who are they? Why did they donate their baby to science? Why have they never claimed her?

A few suburbs away, journalist Tom Oliver is reeling from the sudden death of his best mate. Out of work and wandering the streets, he is consumed by grief. It’s here he crosses paths with Florence and one small act of kindness connects them. Together they solve the mystery of the baby in the museum but the now elderly mother has only a short time to live. Do they reveal what happened all those years ago, or is the truth too much for her to bear?

Cold Against the Glass is an unexpected tale of love and hope. It explores the lives we treasure, the stories we choose to tell and the grief we carry in our hearts.

The Collected Tales – Harry Colfer

The Collected Tales

It could only happen to a paramedic…

Written by an award-winning writer and real-life critical care paramedic, this book is a compilation of thirty-two short stories, one for each of the codes used to categorise emergency calls worldwide. Although fictional, the tales are based on the experiences of the author, and feature Jonothan Byrne, a paramedic working in Brisbane, Australia.

The stories are both humorous and confronting in equal measure and give the reader a cab’s eye view of what it’s really like to be a paramedic.


The Messiah’s Bride – Megan Norris

Eleven-year-old Stefanie Hinrichs came to Australia looking for paradise –and found herself trapped in the marriage from Hell.

In 1994, Stefanie Hinrichs dreamed of owning a horse, leaving school and marrying Keanu Reeves. But God had other plans for the teenager.

Her family belonged to a controversial Doomsday cult led by self-proclaimed Messiah William Kamm, also known as the ‘Little Pebble’, who was building a new promised land for his followers deep in the Australian bush.

Stefanie was forced to become the false prophet’s child bride – one of eighty-four mystical spouses chosen by the Lord to bear twenty-seven children for his new heavenly dynasty.

Forbidden from telling anyone about the illicit sexual relationship, she kept a diary.

Investigative journalist Megan Norris unravels the story of Stefanie’s lost childhood, her courageous escape with his child, and how the scribblings of a teenage girl brought one of Australia’s most dangerous sex predators to justice.

Advice for Life – Author Kellie M Cox

Kellie’s non-fiction work, Advice for Life is a compilation of short stories guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

Contained within these pages you will find some of the greatest Advice For Life you will ever read. It was written by authors, psychologist, mothers, filmmakers, athletes, poets, and philosophers. Some of the most wide, wild, and wonderful people I have ever met.

When I celebrate my 50th birthday in 2021, you won’t hear me complain of the size of that number nor the wonders of ageing. Each year with loved ones is cherished. But at fifty, we should be wise, shouldn’t we? So, instead of present, I asked my friends to share with me their greatest piece of life advice.

My gift to you, the reader, is the compilation of their wise and humorous murmurings. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I loved receiving my precious birthday gifts.

Connect with Kellie at any of the GCWA meetings for a signed copy, or buy online where her fiction works are also available.

The Wilted Rose – Author Kate Kelsen

A Novella. As a young woman in the 1950s, Sarah vehemently pursues her vocational dream of being a nurse, facing constant pressures from family tradition and the culture of the time.

In the throes of a thriving career, Sarah is determined to balance work, marriage and motherhood despite relentless challenges.

Goldie The Unchicken – Author Jen Swenson

Goldie the Unchicken is a unique spin on a classic folktale of a bird who felt quite out of place on the farm, but as she discovered her unique qualities and overcame her fears she was able to go to places she had only ever dreamed of.
The hand-painted watercolours showcase the journey of Goldie who found out she had a lot more gold inside her than she ever thought possible.

There is gold inside of you too!

Search for the Holy Whale – Author Selena Jane

Would you leave the safety of your people and face your darkest fears to search for a mythical white whale and seek your missing family?

After escaping a devastating tidal wave, which sweeps through their village, 14-year-old Sari, her siblings and their friend Raden, along with his Shadow Fox, enter the forbidden forest catapulting the foursome into a dangerous adventure.

Attacked by beautiful, but vicious giant butterflies, they quickly understand that what they once knew is no longer.

Strange phenomena are occurring, resulting in an imbalance in nature on their island.

Could the legend of the Holy Whale, and the absence of the whales from their waters be connected to the disappearance of their family and Mother Nature’s displeasure?

Is their side of the island really cursed?

Sari discovers how important the connection is between herself, her companions, the island and the animals that inhabit the island with her.

Can Sari and her kin rescue their mother and father, free the Holy Whale and restore balance before it’s too late and return home to safety?

Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer – Author Christine Betts

After a stunt lands heiress and comedian Alia Henry in lock-up, she finds herself under house-arrest in a crumbling mansion.

She is not alone on the once-magnificent estate. Wandering the house at night, she meets Braith, eccentric writer-in-residence and mixer of marvellous cocktails. Each day she struggles to write but at night, under the light of an increasingly implausible full moon, Alia delights in exotic drinks and dazzling conversation with the mysterious Braith.

Not usually one for asking questions, she wonders is Braith a ghost…? Or is she?

“A brilliant read for those who like a mystical narrative, literature and backing a character who needs a shove in the right direction!”

The Sword of Saint Isidores – A Viking Saga – Author David Thomas Kay

Legendary battles, Nordic mythology, romance, mystery and intrigue.

Circa 926 A.D: The English King Athelstan gifts a jewelled sword to the Norwegian King Harald Fairhair and sets in place a series of events that shape the future of Norway.

The sword is believed to carry a curse and affects the lives of all that come into its possession. A wayward monk and beautiful Asturian woman, are enslaved by Vikings and crave an escape to their homeland.

Wilhelm, a Christian soldier of fortune and protector of the jarl, clings to his faith, surrounded by worship of the Norse Gods. Rota the psychic daughter of a sorceress roams the forest, half-crazed with disturbing visions of the future. But what is the secret from her past? Who is she protecting and why? Ragnarr, the Viking Jarl of Hordaland, reveres the jewelled sword and plans to take it with him on the emigration to the new land: The Lake District of England.

The Ring of Mann – Author David Thomas Kay

The Ring of Mann

Book two

The Ring of Mann is book 2 of the series Circles of Time

The Ring of Mann received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title.

R.O.M. is a historical fantasy thriller, a family saga, set in the Lake district of 17th century England.

The presence of an ancient runic ring and the spirit of a female Viking warrior effect the life of its inheritor, and three teenage cousins become entangled in the mystery of a missing woodcutter.

The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition – Author Kerri Yarsley

Whenever a new baby is born, someone usually says, “Good luck with your kid, because he doesn’t come with an instruction manual!”

Kerri Yarsley, a successful mother of four, is about to change all that.

The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition is an eminently readable, informative, and entertaining book that takes the reader on a journey from pre-pregnancy preparation all the way through to the late teenage years. It covers the basics as well as some interesting behavioural perspectives that you might not expect in a parenting book. So, whether you have one or many kids, be prepared to change your thoughts, words, and actions, and have a brilliant and joyful life with your amazing kids.

This comprehensive book sets out many rules of engagement between children and their environment during the formative years from birth to early adulthood. Written specifically for parents, both new and seasoned, the book contains information that makes practical sense on all levels. If you are a resident of Planet Earth, then I highly recommend Kerri’s book to you. It will inform, amuse, inspire, and move you.

The Last First Kiss – Author Kellie M Cox

We each imagine we have a lifetime yet to live but what if we found out we didn’

How would you spend your previous time?

The Last First Kiss is an epic tale of love and the race against time.When two soulmates find each other again after decades apart they promise to spend the rest of their lives creating wonderful memories together.They will measure their life in moments not minutes.

They will be each other’s last first kiss.

Travelling the globe and romancing the cities we only dream to visit, together the soulmates answer the age old questions of life, love and death.

Paid to Dance Series – Author Kate Kelsen

Book One

Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present is a comprehensive insight into the stripping industry, from its origins to its modern day evolution. Everyday women share stories of working in gentleman’s clubs.

Book Two
Inspired by a true story, Paid To Dance: Asha’s Story Part One tells of one young woman’s experience working as an exotic dancer in Brisbane, Australia.

Book Three

Three years after daringly stepping into the world of stripping, Asha has left The Runway, the club that made her an exotic dancer, to make a fresh start at a rival venue. Asha’s personal and professional lives collide in unexpected ways, in the lead-up to the grand finale of her stripping adventure.

Find the Ancient PathAuthor Jennifer Phillips

Find the Ancient Path

Book One in the Seekers FInders Finders Keepers series.

After her mother dies, Haras is left with an important message for the father she has never known, but how will she ever find him? Did he go looking for the ancient path? Will she find him if she finds the ancient path? Haras’s quest leads her to discover treasure she never set out to find.

Suitable for Young Adults but also enjoyed by adults it can be purchased form a range of bookstores including and borrowed through the Australian Library.

Last Chance in Oak StreetAuthor Kerry Pearmain

Last Chance in Oak Street

In a suburban street in a depressed area, a young boy lives alone with his mother, a young parent struggling to cope with day to day living.

The care of her child takes a very low priority as she attempts to manage a difficult relationship, his and her own drug taking as well as the anger, grief and frustration she feels every day. There are people who want to help, but putting it into action is proving problematic. And then there are those whose main concern is the boy but in the end can any of them really save him.

The List and The Reef – Author Kellie M Cox

The List (Book One)

A complex family tradition spanning generations and a fortune so vast that marriage for this island bachelor is predetermined by a carefully selected list of candidates.

But what if there is only one woman who can fill the void of his grief.

What lengths will he go to, to ensure she stays in this coastal paradise he calls home?

How will he persuade her to say yes, or has he waited too long, and she has already left the island forever?

The Reef (Book Two)

Kasie reflects on the dichotomy in nature that is her reef.

Deep dark and secretive on one side. On the other, a marvel of colours and creatures exposed in its clear waters. Much like her life. Her present, secure and familiar. Her future, unknown, terrifying, and not yet ready to fully expose itself to her.

Is she truly able to commit to this island paradise forever?

Can she really pledge marriage and all that promise entails?

Ever Been Had – Author Kerry Pearmain

Ever been had

In 1944 a young boy leaves his Wagin home for boarding school in the historic Western Australian township of New Norcia.

A grieving younger brother, a caring priest and two devoted nuns follow his journey from boarding school to the Navy where war and lost friendship shape his decision to retreat from all that is familiar to him.

The loneliness which plagued him from childhood continues to tread close on his heels and he begins to question the decisions he has made as well as their impact on others. As hard as it was to retreat, the journey back to the town of his birth and the girl he left behind seems an even bigger mountain to climb.

“Ever Been Had” is a fictional story set in a time in the history of Australia, in particular Western Australia, when unspoken rules and the expectations of others determined one’s life journey. Struggling at times against his own beliefs, Jonathan charts a passage shaped by the relationships he forms and events he confronts. It draws on the recollections of one man who was born in rural Western Australia but left when a teenager to join the Navy.

Hotel Deja Vu – Author Christine Betts

Edith Piaf might not have had any regrets, but the women who find themselves at the Hotel Déjà Vu sure do! They say we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the dream we didn’t chase. Blurring the lines between fantasy and real life, it’s Eat, Pray, Love meets Midnight in Paris

Industry Reviews

Combining the intrigue and sass of Sex & the City, Paris style, with the psychological mind trip of Sliding Doors. Would you go back to a happier moment; fix the wrongs, shun addiction and create a masterpiece, make your life beautiful? Read on before you decide… “Life is a series of choices; one taken, one thousand missed…” Annie Smit, Goodreads

It’s a great read. If you love Paris, read this book! I’ve recommended it already to friends and family. Danielle Rodriguez, Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I really felt carried away with the story in this book and wanted to keep reading it to finish it, I love books that have travel in them and thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it as a light-hearted read. Deborah Petrie-Godbolt.

Roller Coaster – Author Jackie Moore

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is a collection of three fictional short stories. Although entirely unrelated to each other, each story will evoke strong emotion in the reader.

In ‘NEGU’ you will meet Amanda, whose first day on the children’s oncology ward as a trainee nurse leads her from despair to hope as she realises that more than the prescribed medical treatment will be required when dealing with her young patients.

In ‘True Colours’, the insightful Maddison embraces her transition from girl to woman, when she has to grapple with the shocking revelation that a mother’s love is not always guaranteed.

In ‘Twice the Deed’, Derek, a morose individual consumed by greed and malice, sets out to commit the ultimate act of murder.

This was Jackie’s first foray into short story writing. ‘NEGU’ won the Mona Brand Short Story ‘Commended’ award in 2015

Murderous Intent – Author Kellie M Cox

Samara Sanders is a romance author running for her life trying to stay one step ahead of the man intent on punishing her for destroying his perfect world.

Her beachside paradise, once a safe haven becomes the place her greatest fears are realised.

Messages in the sand, death threats and terrors in her dreams.Are they all real or imagined?

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