Paul O’Sullivan

Illustration became important to Paul at an early age. Fighting off homesickness in a South Devon boarding school, he found an escape into a world of imagination through drawing that lessened the blow of the cold days of routine.’ It has been a discipline that has ignited Paul’s passion ever since.

Raised on the outskirts of Dartmoor’s outstanding wilderness on the Devon/Cornwall border, Paul spent his childhood immersed in the desolation of ruined mine buildings and infrastructure juxtaposed with the moorland’s natural beauty. Being close to the naval dockyards of Plymouth, Paul gained a keen interest in ships and enjoyed sketching them from when he was young. Attending Plymouth College of Art and Design, Paul began his career with a foundation in Graphic Design. Furthering his studies at Falmouth School of Art and later at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Paul chose to specialise in illustration.

A leap of faith lead to a chance meeting with celebrated author Gary Crew and birthed a collaboration of three books beginning with The Visions of Ichabod X that was launched to critical acclaim in 2015 and shortlisted for The Australian Book Design Awards. Paul also contributed to Rich and Rare, which was listed as a Notable by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Paul is currently working on The Photographer with Mark Rafidi, which is to be published through Hawkeye Publishing in 2024.

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