President: Ocean Reave
Vice president: Susan Johnston
Treasurer:  Marisa Parker
Secretary: Beverley Streater
Membership secretary: Jackie Moore
Social media manager: Sam Colbran
Newsletter editor: Kerri Yarsley
Webmaster:  Susan Johnston (Temp)                                                                                   Providore: Jenny Old
Speaker coordinator: Vacant
Events Coordinator: Vacant                                                                                              Competition coordinator: Vacant                                                                                                     General committee members:  Bronwyn Houldsworth, Gavin Fisher


Read about our current committee members below

Ocean Reeve – PresidentOcean-Reeve-02-199x300

Ocean is committed to facilitating the creative process in all who are willing to express themselves through the written word. With the belief that we are all born with a desire to be creative, Ocean operates a defined, dedicated and determined process to bring a book to life and if desired, build a profitable future from this expression of creativity.

Ocean’s 20 year career in the creative arts has been one he has great respect and gratitude for. Following a successful 6 years in Film & Television, Ocean spent a year in nightclub promotion before beginning his publishing road. Beginning as a Digital Production Manager for an educational publisher, Ocean was soon promoted into a sales role which quickly developed into Sales Manager for both the educational and traditional arm of Zenith Publishing Group.

As the internet took its grip over the creative arts industries, Ocean was integral in the development and management of New Zealand’s premier self-publishing house, PublishMe, and following a six month stint as a Radio Host, successfully graduating with a Diploma in Creative Writing, becoming a qualified Workflow Trainer and being nominated and winning two National Awards for Service to Authors, Ocean departed New Zealand to expand his creative reach into Australia.

Six years into his new life in Australia and Ocean has now introduced an established and fruitful marketing platform where authors not only achieve their vision of bringing a book to life, but also promote and market their published works with amazing results. He has played a major role in the birth of InHouse Publishing in Queensland and believes that in this current landscape of creative expression, it is the vision and legacy of the author that has to be the paramount focus.

Susan Johnston – Vice PresidentSusan-Johnston-250x250

Susan Jane is a Published Author, Professional Speaker, Life/Business Coach and organiser for the Personal Growth Expo.

Susan’s life changed dramatically when her 20 year marriage ended and she had to discover who she really was and what she really wanted.  Susan had a lot of experience connecting with people.  She was nominated for Australian Citizen of the Year, but things were different in this high Tech era.  She went back to university in 2009, studying a Public Health degree fulltime and working three part time jobs. However, six months after she graduated from her three year degree, the government changed hands and all Health Promotion positions were made redundant. Susan didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t a spring chicken any longer and felt extremely out of her depth.

Deep down Susan knew there was still a lot more she could offer this world and so she set about to prove it. On a shoestring budget, and with strong faith in her ability, she started writing, formatting and publishing her first book.  Oh boy did she make some huge mistakes but it is because of these mistakes that she now has the experience of helping others, not make the same ones she did.

Susan has spent over 30 years developing, educating and encouraging people to grow, trust and utilise their Intuition enabling them to make sound decisions or choices that are in line with their true core values. Joining the Gold Coast Writers Association was one of those intuitive decisions that naturally led her to the Vice President’s position. Being in this position she hopes to assist the president in taking the association to a new level, bring in more members and grow our reputation to the wider audience.

Marisa Parker – TreasurerMarisa Parker

Marisa is the debut author of the award winning book, GOODBYE To Italia – the story of her parents during WW2 in Italy and Africa.

Marisa was born in Zimbabwe, Africa – although it was called Rhodesia back in the day! Along with her husband and two children, they left Africa in 2000 and went to live in New Zealand for six years before moving to Queensland, Australia which is now our home.

Since moving to Australia in 2006, Marisa has undertaken study as a mature-age student whilst working full-time at the University of Southern Queensland. She completed her first book in 2016 and plans to publish a second book in 2017. It’s been a tough journey but worth all the challenges.

Beverley Streater – Secretary

Beverley Streater will be sending in her Bio in the near future and this will be updated as soon as she does. Life is busy but it sure is fun.


 Jackie Moore – Membership SecretaryJackie-Moore-250x237

Jackie has enjoyed several varied chapters in her life.

She began her professional career as a skin care therapist in the late 70’s, working with a vibrant team at a renowned  health spa in South Africa.

She then changed direction in order to pursue her passion for handwriting analysis and forensic handwriting examination, lecturing and practicing in this field for the better part of a decade.

In 2013 she made the decision to leave South Africa in order to relocate to the Gold Coast, Australia.

Today she focuses her energies on her love of words, developing a somewhat dormant talent for creative writing.

To date, she had completed a children’s chapter book, which she hopes to have published soon, as well as several short stories, one of which won the ‘Mona Brand Short Story Commended Award 2015.’ She is currently busy on her second book.


Sam Colbran – Social media manager

To be advised


Kerri Yarsley – Newsletter editorKerri-Yarsley-1-200x300

Kerri Yarsley was born in Melbourne, Australia in the late ’50’s.  She studied Biochemistry, Microbiology, Education, and Computers at university.  After marriage, Kerri worked as a Systems Programmer and attained Fitness Leader’s qualifications and trained in marital arts.

Kerri and Frank had four children in six years, so Kerri changed into documenting which was more easily done from a home base.  Over two decades later Kerri is still enjoying writing and learning new things.  She has more recent diplomas in Business and Project Management, and has also studied a variety of interests including piano, chanter, guitar, flute, oil painting, singing, bee keeping, Taekwondo, Aikido and Kung Fu weapons, such as the sai, short sticks, long staff, nunchaku and straight sword.

Kerri loves peaceful forest surroundings occasionally disrupted by her chooks, dog and multiple wild birds, including finches, scrub turkeys and black cockatoos.  She loves vegetarian food and her lifestyle reflects her love and respect of all life.

In 2011, Kerri wrote “The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition” because there wasn’t one, and it seemed to be needed more and more.  Later years have seen title become available in eBook and audiobook formats.

Susan Johnston (Temp) – Webmaster


Susan Jane is a Published Author, Professional Speaker, Life/Business Coach and organiser for the Personal Growth Expo.

Susan is holding this position until a replacement can be found however she has had experience in producing websites and extensive experience in social media marketing. Currently Susan is organising the Personal Growth Expo on the Gold Coast and will be extending them to the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Byron Bay.


Jenny OldProvidore

To be advised

Bronwyn Houldsworth – General committee member

To be advised


Gavin Fisher – General committee member


Gavin was born in South Africa. He studied there and worked as an architect and project manager before relocating to New Zealand where he lived for seven years with his wife and two daughters.

He also enlisted as a volunteer paramedic for several years and served with the National Sea Rescue Institute on numerous rescue missions. Other interests include flying and scuba diving.

Gavin now resides in the Gold Coast with his wife, Caroline, and currently works for an award-winning construction company as a contracts administrator.

Favourite quote: Fiction [fik-shuhn] – A literary work that avoids letting the truth get in the way of a good story.