Welcome to the Gold Coast Writers’ Association.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we encourage and support writers from all genres, age groups, and levels of writing to grow, learn, create and excel in their craft.

Join us and discover your natural talents among like-minded people.

COVID-19 UPDATE: As per Federal and State Government restrictions, we cannot meet in-person. However, the GCWA Committee still wants to ‘meet’ with you and share information about creative writing skills and individual author messages.
Join us, over the next few months, through our online (virtual) meetings that will still be held on the third Saturday of the month.

It is amazing what you can achieve when you get together with the right people. Learn how to write, publish and market your book just by being around like-minded individuals.

Pick up valuable information, guidance, and ideas through networking and sharing in our monthly meetings.

The Gold Coast Writers’ Association is a Not-for-Profit Organisation designed to help writers discover the very best for themselves and increase their opportunities.

How we Help

Here’s a hint about what the Gold Coast Writers can help you with.

The video above was created on Microsoft PowerPoint using basic animations to present something that captures the imagination of our target audience.

You can learn to do this and much more through the various workshops we hold at a discount rate for our members and yet still open to the public.

Here’s how to join

Please visit our Membership page.

Become a Member NOW and take advantage of these opportunities!

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