Currently, the GCWA does not have any competitions. However, in 2018, the fictional Short Story Competition resulted in the publication of the book – SHORT YARNS FOR BIG IMAGINATIONS.

This anthology features a collection of fictional tales from the successful submissions of 17 deliciously absorbing stories. The pieces were written by some up and coming writers as well as previously published authors.

The book is available for purchase by ordering through this online bookstore. Or, at the next GCWA monthly meeting, please pay and order a copy through the GCWA Member Secretary.

Congratulations to the following authors included in the book – SHORT YARNS FOR BIG IMAGINATIONS:

Blair Denholm, Kellie Cox, Jackie Moore, Kerry Whalen, Rebecca Timmis, Ash Rehn, Emma Zeta Skinner, Sharron Alexiou, Jennifer Calvert, Pamela Jeffs, William Heather, Judy Tait, Frankie Mitchell and Jayde Clarke.

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